Welcome to El Camino Academy's website which has been created to reflect what Christ is doing in our corner of the world and to give information which will help others to be involved in prayer, service, and participation in our community life. We welcome former, current, and future students, teachers, family members, and friends to join us in celebrating the work God is doing IN and THROUGH El Camino Academy (ECA) in Bogotá, Colombia.


Alumni Christmas Brunch

Our annual alumni Christmas brunch will be Sat, Dec 20 at 9:30am at ECA. Please pass the word to any ECA alumni you know, that they are very invited!


Parent-Teacher Conference Schedule

The afternoon of Tues, Jan 13 is set aside for parent-teacher conferences. If your child has a grade below 70, a NI or I, or if a teacher wants to communicate with you, you will be contacted for a conference. If you want a conference for any reason, contact the school office to set one up. Conferences can be requested on parent or school initiative.



If you have a child who will be four years old by Aug 1 and want to enroll him or her in our pre- kinder for 2015-16, or if you have friends who are interested in enrolling their children in ECA, write This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Employee Needed

ECA is looking for a Christian, English-speaking science lab/science tutor/supervision assistant to begin on Jan 13 , 2015. Send resumes to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Change in Matriculation Dates for 2015-2016

Instead of having matriculation in late July and early August, we are planning to have our matriculation starting in June for this upcoming school year. Start planning appropriately to be able to pay your matriculation fees in June and to have most of the paperwork ready then so we can do a better job of being ready to start school in August.
This means that all of our on-line pre-registration process and our scholarship application process will also be moved earlier in 2nd semester.


2014-2015 Calendar

Follow the link below to view the 2014-15 school year calendar.

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2015-2016 Calendars

Follow the links below to view the tentative 2015-16 school year calendars.

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Current Needs

Our teacher and staff needs are constantly changing. Click below to view the current list.

2015-16 Needs

Giving Opportunities

If you would like to donate financially to El Camino Academy, follow the link below.

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